In the criminal case, The state of Maharashtra vs Mahadu Dangdu Shinde (criminal appeal no. 146 of 2014) the additional judge, while recording the testimony of the rape victim, the judge used slang words and foul language for the rape victim which is disrespectful for the women. Later in his written judgment, he used the same disrespectful words for the women.

Bombay high court (Aurangabad bench) pulled up the additional session judge for his awful words used for the rape victim and expressed their annoyance regarding the behavior of the judge.

The bench headed by Justice Ravindra V Ghuge and Dewadwar observed that the trial court used the word of slang language f****** and f**** that is disrespectful for women dignity, and against the ethics and moral duties of the judge.

In this case, the court is hearing an appeal filed by the state against the judgment pronounced by the Additional Session Judge, Kopargaon in the session case no. 2010.

In 2010, the complaint is filed by the rape victim under section 376 and 506 of the Indian penal code against her cousin’s father in law. But the accused got acquittal under both the section.

Against this acquittal of the accused in a rape case, the state filed this criminal appeal no.146 in 2014.

The bench observed the harsh words used by the additional session judge in the testimony of the rape victim recorded by him and later in judgment authorized by him.

On looking over the admissible evidence the court said that the testimony of the rape victim is not supported by the medical evidence. Prosecutix said in her testimony that the accused tried to rape her and slapped on her face, but in MLC, there was no injury over her legs, thighs and face. The prosecution had no evidence to prove his allegation against the accused.

The bench dismissed the appeal and acquitted the accused in this case on finding no evidence against him.

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