How can you start Bit coin business.

Setting up Crypto-currency Related Business in India. In order to carry out any business in India, a foreign person has to either operate through a branch, or through a subsidiary in India. An Indian person may choose to operate either individually, through a firm or as a body corporate. In order to commence business in … Read more

All you should know about Bit Coin.?

INTRODUCTION At present there are two types of currencies in world and they include the reserve currencies, are fiat currencies. The term ‘fiat currencies’ refers to currencies that are issued by a government, and the government promises to pay the holder of such currencies an equivalent amount in gold, if needed. Thus, these currencies usually … Read more

WTO ministerial conference

WTO’s ministerial conference is the highest decision making the body of WTO which meets once in two years. This year 2017, it was the 11th  such conference held on dec10-13 @ Buenos Aires (Argentina, also known as a city of fair winds) wd. 164 member nations. The last 10th was held in 2015 @ Nairobi. … Read more