Rahul Gandhi was  punished with the two- years of imprisonment and lost his Lok Sabha seat in the end of March over the comment on Modi surname, case filed by a BJP MLA.  The Gujarat High Court on Tuesday reserved orders on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s plea seeking a stay on conviction in 2019′ Modi surname’  defaming case. This means Rahul Gandhi has got no interim relief in the Modi surname case, following his conviction in which he was punished to two years in jail and lost his Lok Sabha seat.  A metropolitan  magistrate  court in Surat on March 23  punished the former Congress  chairman to two years in jail after condemning him under IPC sections 499 and 500 in a 2019 case filed by the BJP’s Gujarat MLA Purnesh Modi. The Modi surname case dates back to April 13, 2019, when Rahul Gandhi questioned’ How come all  stealers have Modi as the common surname?’ during an election rally in Kolar, Karnataka.  After being condemned in the case, he challenged the decision and was granted bail by a Surat Sessions Court on April 3. Rahul Gandhi’s conviction and disqualification as an MP led to largescale demurrers by Congress members across India as they said that republic was in  peril under the BJP. Rahul Gandhi was an MP from Kerala Wayanad and he visited the  quarter after being disqualified from the Parliament on April 12. During a huge roadshow with his family Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, he said,” BJP can take down MP label, they can put me in jail, take away my house and my posts, but they cannot stop me from representing the people of Wayanad.”

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